Saturday, February 2, 2013

snippets from "LAST BREATH"


تزود من التقوى فانك لاتدري*** إذا جن عل كٌ الل لٌ هل تع شٌ إلى الفجر
Increase your Taqwa for it is unknown
if the night came, will you live until dawn

فكم من صح حٌ مات من غ رٌ علة *** وكم من سق مٌ عاش ح نٌاً من الدهر
How many healthy people died without illness
And how many sick people longer lives they witness

وكم من فتى أمسى وأصبح ضاحكا *** وأكفانه ف الغ بٌ تنسج وهو لا دٌري
How many children day and night with laughter overflow
And their shrouds are being prepared for them while they don’t know

فمن عاش ألفاً وألف نٌ *** فلابد من وٌم سٌ رٌ الى القبر
Whoever lives a thousand or two thousands years
Must eventually go to his grave and disappear

-By Imaam Al-Shaaf’ee

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