Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Term I was a success, Alhamdulillah

End of Term I of the Summer Camp.

The childtren  and teachers were present full swing. Parents and family, too. Guests started pouring in  and soon the huge halls with ...seating was full.
We were celebrating the successful completion of the first Term of the Summer Camp at our main branch at Cockburn Road and at BTM layout..
We started with the recitation of Surah from the Qur'an by our head teacher followed by a talk.
The first performances were by the BTM team.
It included all that we had learnt.....
Next we had another talk by our head teacher.
It was time for the Cockburn Road branch now.
We started with the Qirat Competition.
As-Sama kids recited Surah Al A3la.
An-Najm recited Surah Al A3la as well.
Girls from Al-Qamar recited An Naziaat and those from Ash-Shams recited Surah Naba.
The three Ns of Darul Ayman were the judges!

This was followed by the Quiz. We had four teams of 4 participants each.
Team Maryam, Team Fatima, Team Asiyah and Team Khadija. We had 3 rounds. All four teams tied at the end of round 1. Team Asiyah and Khadijah took the lead at the end of the 2nd round but Team Khadija won by 10 points in the end. All the teams were happy to have participated.

.Our skit was the next up in line. Sh., the narrator, Ay. as the ghafil(lost in the things of this world while forgetting the hereafter) Jameela aapa and Am. as Chand khala and Khadeeja begum brought the sad reality of those who have turned their backs to the word of Allah and taken the materials  of this world as their only goal to light by their comic performances supported by Ha.and the other sisters...

The audience was throroughly entertained while gaining knowledge by these programs as well as the not so trivial trivia of our teacher.
 After another talk by her, we concluded by announcing the winners of the Qirat competition and distributing goody bags.

In a nutshell, we are truly grateful to Allah Subhanu wa Ta'aala for making it a success . through the
  • Fantastic effort by the teachers- The whole team, together with the assistants and the volunteers. They worked really hard and it showed.
  • The enthusiasm and perseverence of the students. The cute As-Sama or preteens of An-Najm, the very young ladies of Al-Qamar or the leaders(Ummis) in the making of Ash Shams put in their very best! The lesson learnt by Jameela begum was learnt by the whole set of the audience.
  • The absolutely supportive parents- who spent their time being part of the effort by being there for not just the celebrations but the classes as well!

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