Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Successful Completion of Term II, Alhamdulillah

End of Term II of the Summer Camp.

It all started, as usual with the recitation of Surah and a talk by our head teacher. Then, we had the Qiraat Competion with three partcipants each from As-Sama who recited Surah Ghashiyah, An-Najm who recited Surah , Al-Qamar who recited Surah Fajr and Ash-Shams who recited Surah 3Abasa.

After this, we had a skit under the superb guidance of the teachers and assistants, by our youngest class As-Sama on the Usefulness of Trees. The message was clear! A Muslim takes care of his environment for this earth like everything else is a blessing and gift from his creator Allah Subhan wa Ta3ala and this was clearly elaborated on through the hadeeth.

We had another talk by our head teacher on the topic Wealth and Wife- Fitnah? She discussed how blessings bestowed upon us by Allah can be a test.It was a very useful reminder indeed.

Or concluding program was the Quiz Competition with four teams each comprising of two member each from Al-Qamar and Ash-Shams. This time we started off with the rapidfire round, with Guess the Qaari and General Awareness. This time the points were kept secret till the end of the program. Finally Team 'Umar came out the winners followed by Team 'Ali, then Team AbuBakr and Team Uthman.

The performances were over and goody-bags were distributed but it wasn't the end of the celebration. There was a guest and he arrived right after 'Asr. He gave a very good talk on the Importance of attaining 'Ilm(knowledge). He also stressed how important it was to grab any opportunity to seek knowledge and a good 3 weeks were also not bad for a start or a refresher elaborating how women were at the forefront of scholarship in the early years of Islamic History and how it benefited the Ummah. 

Many thanks again to all the TaalibAl-Ilm ( students of knowledge) and the staff, teachers and assistants for their contribution. JazakumAllahuKhayran. May Allah accept this from us. Ameen.

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